Sunday, 27 April 2008

Saving fuel using energy

We've been a bit sanctimonious this weekend, haven't used the car since Thursday and walked down to the village to collect the papers Saturday and Sunday mornings. This fuel situation in Scotland serves as a good reminder of how we take the supply for granted and has made us think about how often we use the car unnecessarily.
So we've worked lots in the garden and whilst I was ready to have a rant about how late everything is this year, the daffs are barely out, this weekend has been glorious and we've made lots of progress. The tomatoes have been transferred into their organic growbags, the ones from the garden centre are showing their first flower truss if you look closely and those grown from seed bought in Italy aren't far behind. I disturbed our resident frog when I was moving things around in the greenhouse, he was living under one of the watering cans and hopped off to find another hiding place. I've nipped the tops out of the sweet peas to encourage them to bush and Mr FF has finished digging over the veg patch (he said I didn't make a proper job of the half I did) and planted the potatoes. We are growing Pink Fir Apple (main crop) and Charlotte (second early) with more of the latter to plant in a couple of weeks. The ground is surprisingly dry and weeding has been much easier than usual. I'm at that happy stage with the garden when I believe I am on top of things, this euphoria lasts for a while before I realise that everything is growing at a pace and getting away from me, by which time its summer and the weeds are hidden amongst the jumble of flowers, then I just sit back and enjoy.

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