Friday 9 May 2008

Always take the weather with you

I'm telling people that I brought this unseasonal summer weather back from Italy with me, but actually it was here while I was away. It was amazing to come home yesterday lunch time to glorious sunshine, we sat outside most of the afternoon and ate dinner on the patio last night, prolonging the holiday mood. The garden has gone berserk while I've been away, plants that were reluctantly to emerge are now around 18 inches high, I love it though I'm a bit concerned for all this tender growth if we have frost. These double tulips were a free offer from the paper if I remember, I just had to pay the postage. A bit gaudy for my liking but in this bright light they look just right.
And Italy? Yes it was wonderful, we felt relaxed the minute we arrived and soon got into lazy flipflop ways. I'll tell you more another day, now I need to get back outside.

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