Sunday, 27 January 2008

Red leather

This is our new sofa that was delivered at 0745 during a power cut. We bought in online from the Ilva sale, its all singing all dancing, the arms and back are fully adjustable and the seats push out for extra loungeability. Mr FF says its more suited to the home cinema of an urban loft apartment (he's angling for a big flat screen telly) but its just fine for staring out of the window at the hills. The room its in we pretentiously call the Morning Room, only because it gets the sun first thing. When we were building the house this space was destined to be the double garage but we discovered once the site was cleared of woodland and scrub that there was such a slope we could drop the garage down and have a room above it with patio doors and a balcony. Since we hadn't planned or needed all this extra space we never really had furniture for the room and two very old sofas lived in there covered in throws. We decided they were really no good for recycling so we arranged for the council to collect and dispose of them. It wasn't easy moving the old furniture out and once we got the sofas lifted down the steps from the front of the house I suggested to Mr FF that we could simply push them down the drive to the kerbside. His reply? 'Don't be ridiculous that will ruin the castors'. You can take the boy out of Yorkshire ...........

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