Monday 7 January 2008

Gridlock Day

Despite my best efforts I didn't get into work today. There was snow overnight and whilst the local roads were fairly clear after about 8 miles of driving they were rutted and icy with packed snow. I heard on the local radio that the road I use was blocked by lorries unable to negotiate the descent towards Edinburgh so I turned off on an alternative route. So did everyone else, I was queued from about 10 miles out of town and the only time the traffic moved was when someone turned round and went back. When I spoke to my office I heard that Edinburgh was no better with journeys of a few miles taking more than an hour and that others from my direction had given up and gone home. When I could find a place to turn round I did so, 2.5 hours after leaving home and having made precious little progress. The road was no better on the way back, in fact worse as there had been less traffic on it. No sign of a gritter or snow plough until I got back to our tiny village, which can't have more than a hundred houses, to find the local authority busy gritting the footpaths. I should be into work tomorrow because the snow isn't forecast to fall until later in the day, just right for the journey home. Give me strength (or take me back to Palm Springs I don't mind which).

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