Friday, 1 February 2008

Finished items January

I'm not sorry to have said goodbye to January, my least favourite month. The time drags, the days never lengthen quick enough and the snowdrops still aren't out in my garden though they are in Edinburgh. It must have been a long month as I've already read three books and finished four knitting projects. I managed to prise Cleo off Mr FF's New Lanark sweater long enough to stitch it up but she soon took possession again. I eventually moved it one day while she was out and put it aside for Mr FF, but I found Cleo asleep on it again, he'd given it back to her. So its still on the sofa and she is still sleeping on it every night, if I'd know this I'd have knitted her a blanket and not bothered with all the shaping and stitching, but that wouldn't have been half so attractive to a cat.
I've finished the socks to match the marmalade and also this

Its for Matthew who was born early in January. Its size one year as apparently he has quite a lot of baby clothes. I'll give it to his Dad next time our office IT system goes haywire and he comes in to fix it. The pattern is by Louisa Harding from Miss Bea's Rainy Day, a gorgeous little book from Rowan. Speaking of which my Rowan magazine came today, it was waiting when I got back from yoga so I sat down with a coffee and had good browse. Lots of desirable patterns and some whacky ones too, maybe when I reduce my stash a bit more I could embark on something. But that won't be for ages as I was at the closing down wool shop near my office yesterday and came back with 5 x 100g balls of yellow cotton dk and 9 x 100g balls of dark blue aran cotton, all half price. Maybe one of these quantities might match up with a pattern in the Rowan magazine but its bound to one of the whacky ones.

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