Wednesday 9 January 2008


What a week its turning out to be. I was feeling much more relaxed driving home last night as the predicted snow turned to rain, even thinking to myself that rain can be a good thing. It was extremely windy when we went to bed, the lights flicked on and off a few times. I woke around 2, checked the time on the radio alarm and listened to the wind gusting away. Shortly after that the glow from the alarm was extinguished and the room plunged into total blackness, a power cut. The power was still off at 4 am when Mr FF set his watch alarm by candlelight so that I didn't sleep in.
Having imagined it would be wonderful to live a gentile life in the times of Cranford or Sense and Sensibility, I've changed my mind. Our village doesn't have gas so everything we do is electrically powered though we have a multifuel stove that we keep running all night at this time of year so we did have some heat. Getting up and dressed for work (I abandoned the idea of shower and hair wash) was difficult and to add to the stress the new and rather large sofa that we had ordered in the sales arrived at approximately 7.45 am. The delivery men didn't seem best pleased as they struggled up the front steps even though I'd lit a few candles!
No wonder those Jane Austin girls just sat at home waiting for a beau to appear, I had wondered why they didn't go out and find work when they fell on hard times. I know now, its far too difficult to get yourself up and looking respectable by candlelight. I was glad to get into the office for a coffee and to slick down my spiky hair.
The power eventually came back on early afternoon, not that I'm complaining, over 10,000 houses in Scotland were without electricity today and many still are.

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  1. I loved the tango music - took me back to all those lessons. I miss them somewhat. Looking forward to next week starting new intermediate ballroom dancing lessons. Will have to talc my shoe bottoms - finding shoes with anything other than a composite sole is tricky these days.
    My son begins classes next week too, as he and his fiancee want to be able to do more than a shuffle for their first dance at their wedding in October.
    Loved the snow pictures - can't believe there was so much.