Wednesday, 16 January 2008

and don't run with scissors either

I need to issue a health and safety warning today, don't prune the garden at dusk. Working from the paths and not stepping onto the sodden ground I spent Sunday afternoon collecting yet more leaves and uncovered lots of emerging bulbs. By the time it was coming dark I'd started tidying up a few of the pots at the back door. Cutting down last year's sweet peas I managed to sever at ground level a clematis that was growing in the same pot. Not learning from my error I then chopped off a sizeable piece of a camellia in another pot thinking it was one of the annuals I'd used as underplanting. Two steps forward one step back.
More positively I can report that my amaryllis has a second stem bearing 6 more flowers, that will be 11 blooms in total and continual colour for almost a month all packed into one bulb. When I cut back the finished stem I was very carefully not to remove the new one too.

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