Monday, 29 November 2021

A close shave

I keep my hair short, I’m no stylist so it’s easy to manage and cool in summer.  Quite often my hairdresser in Italy and the one in Ilkley, both of whom are Italian men, have buzzed round my ears and the back of my neck with clippers, I don’t know the technical name for these battery shavers. 

I didn’t get a haircut during our last stay in Italy so it was 3 months since my last cut when we got back, I went on Thursday to see Filippo.  As usual he asked if I wanted him to use the clippers, I did.  At one stage I commented on how much hair was coming off, meaning my hair had grown a lot.  He asked if he was taking too much off and I said not at all, what could he do if I’d said yes.

I got a nice manageable cut, paid and left the saloon.  It was like I’d stepped into the Arctic circle.  The back of my neck was so cold, I had a warm scarf but I was frozen.  That afternoon we went to do a big shop, restocking after our time away.  I was so cold I couldn’t hang around the supermarket freezers and fridges for fear of hypothermia. I wore my scarf all evening and wondered about a hat with a flap at the back.  I know we lose about 10% of our body heat from our heads, must be about the same percentage from the back of a bare neck judging by how cold I’ve felt.

I am hoping I shall be warmer by Christmas if I survive this current spell of cold weather. Keep cosy.


  1. That looks a similar style to mine Jenny your neck is having to get used to a Yorkshire spell of weatther too though. Parcl not sent off yet - need to geet into town to get a Jiffy bag - bopefully by the week end. The socks are magically warm.

  2. I had my long Bob cut into a shorter style, not as short as yours, but I agree with you, blooming cold.

  3. Ooh, that is short! I had the almost exact same experience last Friday although my hairdresser left me a little more on my neck, but I hadn't thought to wear a scarf!

  4. This cold snap has come as a shock after such a mild autumn (on the whole). It must be even worse for you coming from so far south. My hair is not quite as short as yours but I do feel the cold around my neck. I tend to go for a coat with a hood these days - even a hat and scarf seems to leave me feeling cold and a hood fills the gap!

  5. Your hair looks great! I suggest you wear a cowl to keep yourself warm.

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