Sunday, 7 November 2021

A night on the tiles

Last night was exceptionally windy. Around 10 pm Grigio decided to go out and we left the terrace light on so we could see when she returned to the door to be let back in. Except she didn’t reappear, we called her several times and eventually went to bed thinking it was an odd decision to stay out on such a bad night.

This morning I was up before 6 believing Grigio would definitely be ready to come in but she still wasn’t at the door.  I called her then wandered down onto the terrace and heard her crying but because of the wind I couldn’t quite tell where the sound was coming from.  I opened the cellar, went down to the pizza oven, looked in the log store, checked the cat apartment and the hotel splendido, I even looked onto the roof but I couldn’t see her.

I went back inside and up to the bathroom where the little window with the grill opens onto part of the roof, Grigio bounded in delighted to be safe.  It’s likely she had been on the roof all night and couldn’t get down because it was so wild, she has been sleeping all day.  She was lucky not to have been blown away but I doubt she has learned her lesson and now I can worry about this happening when we are back in Ilkley unable to rescue her,  thanks Grigio.