Monday, 15 November 2021

A Proud Great Aunt

Esme, the middle one of our three grand nieces, was 9 last week, once again we missed her birthday, but here she is with the present she asked for from her Mum and Dad.

A litter picker, how great is that, apparently it was all her own idea.  Sunday she took her family and her birthday gift for a 4 mile walk and came back with a full bag of litter.  I’m so proud of her, our own little earth friendly eco warrior.   I think that for the next COP meeting the world leaders should follow Esme’s example, get out and demonstrate some positive action, less blah blah blah more do do do.  


  1. Yes - it would have done the whole delegation good to give up one afternoon to actually see how much rubbish there is lying about and the physical exercise after all that sitting about would have been good too,

  2. Some kids care a lot more about the planet than our politicians. Sadly the litter around us in the UK has increased enormously since a MacDonald's and a Costa drive thru opened nearby.
    I believe Her Majesty said something about less blah blah and more doing.
    Lovely photo!

  3. Good for her. There is hope.

  4. What a great thing to ask for as a birthday gift. Can't believe she is 9 either! x