Saturday, 4 December 2021

Out of character

This is our lounge today,  spot anything unusual like a little Christmas tree?  Yes it’s just the beginning of December and we’ve done the decs.  I think it’s the effects of our Italian lockdown non Christmas but this year I couldn’t wait to get the boxes out of the loft, after all I hadn’t seen them for two years.

On our way from a walk last week we stopped to admire a garden full of twinkly lights. We were peering through the gate when the lady of the house came out, she was going to make a video to show friends.  We congratulated her on such a magical effect, all the plants high and low in the front garden was covered in lights and you walked up the path to the front door between them.  She said she’d asked her husband if it was too much, he had replied not yet, but they were both worried that a flight for Leeds Bradford airport might be confused and land nearby.  

She said that Christmas last year had been so disappointing she was determined that by 1 December she’d have her lights on.  The houses we look down on, literally not socially, have already started decking out their gardens too. I’m think most people feel we need this festival of light especially to drive away the darkness as the covid situation worsens once more.  We have our less traditional tree in the hall.


  1. Very tasteful, I must say! I did get started on writing my overseas Christmas cards today but that is the extent of my preparations for the big festival.

  2. I have actually already started to think about preparing for Christmas - and that’s early for me!

  3. I love your tree - so simple and yet so effective!

  4. I'm a fan of minimal decorations. Sadly my other half favours the full bling, so that's what we get. Still, as long as it's him that wrestles them out of the loft, puts them up and takes them down, that's ok!
    Yours are just perfect and tasteful.

  5. Mr JK and I always put our decorations up on Advent Sunday. Alas, I cannot get up into the roof to get them now, but hopefully one day I will. I like the build up to Christmas with all the lights and decorations, but once it's over, I want to pack them all away! Some of the houses in my village have had their lights on since the start of November!