Saturday, 3 July 2021


MrFF was back at the doctors on Thursday morning taking his x ray results.  The doctor diagnosed bronchitis and gave him the name of a medication he should buy and take in the autumn, 10 doses per month for 3 months, meantime presumably he just tolerates the condition.

Because we were unexpectedly out and as most of Italy is now in the white zone with hardly any restrictions we walked down to our favourite bar for coffee and croissants.  The whole family was there, the schools are now finished for summer, there was even a new baby proudly being nursed by his grandfather.  We sat in the garden for a while enjoying our second breakfast and chatting to the family, then we sat on the bench outside the bar watching the world go by and finally took a walk through the square.  We chatted to one of the village priests we know, he’s originally from San Francisco and only gets to speak English when he sees us. He said his mother is coming over from California later this month but having problems with flights being changed.

We walked down to the nicest part of the lower village, the lavatoio, the communal washing area. I’ve never see anyone using this one for laundry although I have in other villages seen women washing their sheets at the outdoor lavatoio.  It’s the prettiest of places surrounded by lovely old flower decked houses, the sound of running water and blue skies, like something from a film.  I’m so glad it’s loved and preserved.


  1. Oh that "lavoir" (in French) is beautiful isn't it. While I wouldn't want to be doing my washing there by hand, I bet those walls could reveal some gossip couldn't they!

  2. You paint such a lovely picture of your life there, I wish I could share it with you! Glad you are out of quarantine, I just got my second shot yesterday so it won't be long here either.

  3. Your village is very pretty and still retains older features, which are precious. How interesting that the village priest is from the USA.