Wednesday, 30 June 2021

A day of dreams

We were 8 for lunch here yesterday, 6 Danish friends 1 German/Italian and us 2 English.

It was the kind of long summer lunch you plan the garden for and dream of, under the umbrellas with sometimes a little breeze, all the pots full of flowers, lots of chat, a slow easy pace.  

Later when our guests left we watched England play against Germany in the Euros and beat them for the first time in 55 years, and yes I watched that 1966 World Cup Match too.  It was the year I started work and came across MrFF.  One of our lunch guests had quite a lot to say beforehand about what the result would be, she left early to watch the match at home.  We haven’t heard from her and are far too polite to gloat.  We had such a sweet text of congratulation from our lovely neighbour Giovanni.

Best of all we didn’t check the Tour results during the day and watched the highlights in the evening.  Mark Cavendish, my all time favourite rider, now 36, having battled illness and depression, no wins for the last three years and being written off by many as finished, took the stage win yesterday, in magnificent style.  His 31st Tour de France stage win.  The boy is a legend.

Such a good day, if I could have only have one thing from yesterday it would be the scene above, but I don't have to choose, I had it all.  


  1. Al fresco dining with friends sounds perfect. And with the sporting triumphs, it was a great day all round!

  2. My feelings exactly plus Andy Murray back.

  3. Al fresco lunch on a summer patio, nothing nicer! I will have that tomorrow with family as we celebrate Canada Day.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day and yes, so much sport this week it’s hard to choose what to follow although we did watch that football match. I don’t understand all the hype about England’s win over Germany though, everyone seems to have forgotten that 5-1 score line back in 2001 or perhaps I just dreamt it.

  5. Your lunch sounds like my idea of heaven - and your terrace is just divine!