Wednesday, 28 July 2021


13 months ago we were waiting for Boris to tell us it was ok to come to Italy. Now we are waiting for him to say it’s ok to return to the U.K. without the need to quarantine for 10 days and take 2 covid test once back in ilkley.  

I am desperate to return, especially now it’s so hot and mosquitoey.  I am short on energy and enthusiasm and if I’m being honest I’m slightly bored.  It’s hard to garden while sweat pours into your eyes and insects nibble at your flesh, not that there is much to do apart from water, dead head and pick vegetables.   We still go out only once a week for food, we haven’t been anywhere different since we went to Sorrento last September and while I have enjoyed this simple quiet life now I feel I need a change.

After more than a year here I’m Italied out, I need a little time in England to reconnect with people and places I miss.  Not that it’s not lovely here, I was going to add an image of a complicated maze which represents life at present but let’s be more positive, here are a couple of my beautiful terrace pots.  We don’t get displays  like this on our Yorkshire penthouse balcony, there are worse places to sit and wait for news, which might come later today or early next week. Keep everything crossed


  1. Hopefully the latest announcement should bring good news to you. x

  2. Hope you are soon able to return to Ilkley before the miserable weather sets in for Autumn. Summer has been very good for us up here this year.

  3. Those are beautiful flowers in your pots. Obviously well tended!