Thursday, 8 July 2021

Mediterranean garden

Summer and the garden is going overboard with flowers which in this heat, most days reach 30 degrees, don’t last very long.  My terrace borders are a riot of colour, usually I favour white but I decided anything goes and the clashes of vivid colours certainly suit the hot climate.  

I still have white of course, my lovely agapanthus

And the first flower opening on my hibiscus

This is new, grown from seed it has the challenging name cardiospermum halicacabum, aka balloon vine or my preference love in a puff

presumably from the pretty the pretty heart shaped seed heads that develop from the tiny white flowers. Speaking of seeds, I shall save some of these and I’ve just collected the seed heads from the wild orchids in the orchard.  We gardeners always want more, I’ve already promised some of the agapanthus seeds to a friend. 


  1. Is that a doggy nose in the top left hand corner or am I seeing things?

    1. No the edge of a small metal table, we only have cats here

  2. Your whites are so vivid against the greenery. My only whites are some echinacea purpurea. The other colours are lovely too.

  3. Love in a puff, a cute name, I would like to grow one. Your colors and flowers are exuberant, and how fun to live part time in Yorkshire and part time in Italy. The hibiscus is pretty too, I planted a new one and it is only 6 inches tall now.

  4. Your borders look beautiful. Mine are a mess!