Sunday, 18 July 2021

High summer

The flower garden seems almost at its peak, I can’t think of any summer blooms I’m waiting to open and some like the gladioli are almost over.  

The latest (eye)opener was my sunflowers.  I grow the tall giant ones and also the multi headed variety, they are the happiest of plants and I always wish I had more, there are just 3 in this well packed border.

We are inundated with cucumbers, we cut at least 4 a day and try to give most of them away.  Even the grapes are doing well this year, I really have no idea about training the vine but I must have done something right.

MrFF continues with his wall repairs, which during the recent hot weather has meant  getting up before 6 to work until around 10.30 when it gets far too hot for man or materials. 

He’s currently working very close to my wisteria, half of which he has already removed telling me it’s a hazard to structural safety.  I am not looking forward to seeing how he deals with the last stretch of wall.

Last week we cut the front hedge again, the one that faces into the road.  It’s looking tidy for everyone to admire, sadly that’s just me, MrFF, the cats and the refuse collectors.  Quiet floriferous times continue on the sunny mountainside.


  1. He's doing a great job - you must be so proud of him! How luscious are those grapes. I bet you can't wait to pick them and enjoy.

  2. Beautiful. I’m struggling with sunflowers this year as the slugs have moved in!

  3. Your sunflower is beautiful! Here in the middle of France they are only just coming into flower, a sign of how "English" the weather has been!

  4. I have to laugh about the cucumbers, its always the same, feast or famine. I can't give mine away fast enough either!