Thursday 14 January 2021

After the rain

Last week I had a good old moan to anyone who would listen about the rain, cold and general misery of being stuck indoors.  As if everyone isn’t stuck indoors anyway, I was just feeling sorry for myself and I have snapped out of it now.

Two days ago the weather started to improve, half a day of sun when we took a long walk down into the valley and back up again, we were barely home before dark.  We met, again walking their boisterous dog, the couple who helped us when we found the wallet.  We saw a shepherd with his sheep, pretty lambs and about 8 sheepdogs, and several people we know from the village. It did us the world of good.

Yesterday was pleasant too, today is just fantastic.  I have been sitting out on the terrace in a short sleeved t shirt knitting, listening to radio 4 and just soaking up the warmth.  The actual temperature is only around 10 degrees but the heat from the sun is strong.

I am knitting up 50 g of lovely soft Adriafil pure wool to make a little cowl.  The pattern is Brake Cowl by Donna Smith, an easy 8 row repeat, every other row is knit.  I’m hoping that this wonderful sunshine is being incorporated into each stitch  so that when I need to wear the cowl on a cold day I shall recall this beautiful winter weather and remember there will be more like this.

Note to self - not quite so much moaning next time


  1. Rather different weather from that in Yorkshire today.

  2. Beautiful, I can almost feel the warmth radiating from your photo. It's been grey and sleety here today so I'm rather jealous! x