Thursday, 24 January 2019

We need to talk about earrings

I had my ears pierced when I was 18 at a jewellers in York.   I still remember because I passed out probably from fear as the process was painless. I then had to bathe my lobes with salt water every night for a week or two and turn the studs every day.  I was terrified and when it finally came to taking the earrings out for the first time it took me hours to ease off the butterfly backs and remove the studs.  Even now if I don't wear earrings for a while the holes start to close, but I do try to put earrings in every day though they have to be taken out for sleep.
You can imagine over 50+ years I have amassed a good selection of earrings, quality and not great quality.   I just had a new year sort out, identified at least 12 pairs that can move on and wondered why I had so many many pairs of silver hoops and circles.
The ones above were a gift Mr FF brought me back from Chile and the ones below are Georg Jensen that I treated myself to from a lovely jewellery shop in town where I spend many happy hours with my nose pressed against the display window.  
I tell myself that at my age I should reduce my earring wardrobe to a few quality pieces but I know that is never going to happen.  I have a lovely pair of diamond studs that Mr FF bought me for my 50th birthday, I'd be surprised if I've worn them more than a dozen times I'm so worried about loosing one.  And yes I did have a lot of single earrings from loss, I've got rid of those too.  None of which is a great step forward but a step in the right direction.


  1. I love mismatched earrings. They tell their own kind of story.

  2. The omega clasp which is spring loaded is the only good one which has prevented any earring loss. But some of those are not made correctly, the earrings are too small and/or the part that goes through can be too long.

  3. I was a latecomer to the pierced ear (my mum had hers done at the same time and she was well into her 70s). My collection of earrings isn't half as big as yours (I mostly wear plain gold hoops) and yes, I've lost loads. There's one pair I bought in San Francisco, with one earring the moon and the other the sun, and, on the odd occasion I do wear them, someone always points out I'm wearing odd 'uns. Love your Georg Jensen pair.

  4. I love the ones in that last photograph. I have many pairs that my dear farmer bought me but as my hands shake I can no longer get them in to my pierced ears but I can't bear to part with them.

  5. I have lots of pairs of earrings but find that I can't wear them for very long because my ears start to hurt. It's such a shame!