Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Mrs Flipflops is not completely fine

This is such a bad start to the year, we will laugh about this in the summer when its all a distant memory but for now I feel wretched.  I have the most 
debilitating dry cough that is worse in the night and allows me an average of two hours sleep.  Its 5.30 am and I have made tea and taken a pain killer
I have tried all sorts of remedies
Cough suppressant that does not do what it says on the bottle
Hot water with honey and lemon
A spoonful of honey
Hot water with grated ginger
Gargling with salt water which is awful for someone who never uses salt 
Throat soothers
Sleeping sitting up
Steam inhalation via bowls of water and the bathroom steam cabinet
I am drinking lots of water and fruit juice, no alcohol 
Some days I walk out for fresh air, it makes no difference, some days I just lay on the sofa and moan quietly
I have no appetite or enthusiasm
I checked on the NHS website which suggested if the symptoms persist for 3 weeks I should contact the doctor, Ive had this for 10 days, I might do so sooner though I hate taking antibiotics they really mess up my system.
I am the worlds worst patient, I need help.


  1. Sorry about this Jenny. There does seem to be this nasty dry cough going around up here - it must be a special Yorkshire virus. The girl I usually go to in our local Co op checkout has had it for weeks and it doesn't seem to get any better. Do go to the doctor - it sounds so debilitating.

  2. Antibiotics won't help a cold anyway - they're caused by viruses

  3. Oye, sorry to read you're feeling poorly. There is a respiratory flu here in the states, as well as the stomach flu. I had the former, my poor husband the latter. Wiped us both out, a few weeks apart. For respiratory things, my chiro always advises to lay off the dairy while suffering from it. Keeps things more clear and free flowing, so to speak! I didn't end up at the dr's for this. Good luck!

  4. Oh, no, poor you. Not the best start to the year. I could have administered a comforting 'there, there' in the early hours (I'm Liz and I'm an insomniac) if only I'd known. Maybe try an old remedy from the Boro? Rub your chest with oily fish and chip paper. Well, when all else fails..... Hope you feel more like you soon.

  5. I was sick like this once, twenty years ago. I see I survived it. It did not involve a trip to the doctor because my doctor at the time was essentially a quack. But you're half way to the three week mark, and if you keep hanging tough, you will be getting better or fit for a trip to the infirmary. Best of luck to you.

  6. May I suggest pholcodine linctus? You'll need to get it from a pharmacy. It helped me with an irritating cough. A spoonful before bed let me drift off to sleep. Get well soon.