Saturday, 12 January 2019

Medical update

Midweek I finally contacted the health centre who arranged for my doctor to phone me.  We had a discussion about my ailments, he said he had had the very same virus himself and was sympathetic.  He prescribed a steroid nasal spray to stop the mucus from my nose forming and collecting at the back of my throat causing irritation and thus coughing.  He said I should be feeling better within a week or so, he must have heard the disappointment in my voice because he revised that to possibly by the weekend.
The weekend is here and I am just the same, only now the bags under my watery and puffy eyes are bigger, I am worried that my 70 year old skin isn't going to bounce back from this, just as well I am fully stocked with face creams.
My appetite is small and limited, I cannot tolerate anything sweet like jam on my toast, I cannot drink a full cup of coffee, a lot of food seems tasteless, none of this helped by the sensation of having something stuck at the back of my throat.  
I am still sleeping sitting up not that I'm sleeping much.  Every night I am padding round the penthouse, making honey and lemon drinks or inhaling steam.  Sometimes I try to sleep on the sofa for a while to give Mr FF a break but that doesn't work so well and creeping back into the cold side of bed is horrible.  I could move into the spare bedroom but I have always hated having two bedrooms on the go.
So I am shooting steroids up my nose every day, which I guess could be affecting my taste buds and thus my appetite.  I've told Mr FF that if I get enough into me I shall be guaranteed a place in this years Tour de France.
Let's hope the coughing stops soon, its still the only symptom I have.  According to the doctor it could be any time now and not a minute too soon.  I don't pick up colds and germs very often but when I do I do it big style.


  1. Wow!! You have really been sick with a truly nasty bug! You sound miserable and have had a terrible toll taken upon yourself. So sorry to hear this and I hope you turn the corner very soon and start to recover. Your poor body! Take care and hang in there!

  2. I must say that from what I hear here in North Yorkshire that cought seems everywhere. Hope it soon goes.

  3. Good heavens, you must be wasting away. Not sure what to suggest. Maybe try eating very small amounts much more frequently than the usual mealtimes? I'd also definitely recommend you start taking a supplement/vitamins (something like Floradix) if you don't already, just to give your system a boost.

  4. I hope that by now you're feeling better. I could give you a run for your money with my steroids!