Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Panic buying

I saw on the news last night that a company in Leeds is producing Brexit survival boxes, £300 worth of freeze dried food that is said to usable for 25 years, fire starting gel and water purifiers in case of shortages after Brexit.  Why would we not have clean water and power after we leave the EU, the whole situation is ridiculous scaremongering.   
However I have done a bit of panic buying myself.  I don't have much sock yarn here in Yorkshire, I have a lot in Italy, but the penthouse was rather deplete so I've made a purchase.
I ordered from Hobbii, a very nice Danish company that doesn't charge too much for shipping, despatches quickly and keeps you up to date on progress.  We'd expect no less from the Vikings and while I'm not contemplating a sock yarn shortage after Brexit it might be more difficult to buy from the EU.  Not a problem as I will be able to support our local West Yorkshire Spinners, my very favourite sock yarn, but I thought I'd give Denmark a last shot and pick up some cheap yarn.   
First of all I selected these 4 balls of (none EU) Siberia which was reduced from £7.99 to £3.90 per 100 g.
Then I opted for a lucky bag, 5 x 100 g balls of EU yarn for £25.  It's not quite the same not knowing what you are going to get, but I was more than pleased with the selection I was sent.  All the yarn is 75% wool 4 ply.

There was even a little heart shaped chocolate, how kind, they must be thinking we won't have treats any more after Brexit.
I've already stocked up on my toiletries for Italy as Boots were having a 3 for 2 plus a massively reduced price on the No 7 cleansers I use.   I was paying less for 3 bottles than I'd normally pay for 1 plus I get loyalty points. 
I think I've got my priorities right, wool and toiletries, and whatever happens after tonight's vote I won't be food hoarding, I'm not that crazy. 
Thank you for all the get well wishes I received, by phone, email and through comments.  I think I've turned the corner, I am now able to sleep laying down though still waking a few times coughing.  I am still snorting steroids but life feels more normal.


  1. Ino longer knit but the sight of that beautiful wool is very tempting to start again. Glad you are on the mend.

  2. My mom is really into the knitting stuff, she'd really love this amazing material. Thank you for sharing the info here..

  3. That sock yarn looks fabulous. Very wise to stock up now, who knows what yarn crisis could occur post-Brexit?!