Monday 6 February 2017

A knitting post at last

I have been knitting of course but not sure you need to see more posts of socks or scarves knitted up from the stash and some put into the charity shop.  Take it from me that's mainly what I've been doing for the last weeks but there is now space in the two chests where I keep my stash, space that I hope not to be filling with more yarn.
Now I feel it's time for something more serious so I have embarked on these, Laverne from Coop Knits Socks volume 2, a Christmas gift. 
Since my LSY let me down by transforming into hardly a YS at all, I found some West Yorkshire Spinners yarn on offer not too far away though on line and ordered three colours from the Spice Rack range.  In order of viewing left to right Pennyroyal (lilac) which I'm using, Blackcurrant Bomb (self explanatory) and Cinnamon Stick (camel)
The pattern fortunately includes a chart and written instructions, I'm much in favour the latter, but it's not exactly a watch tv and knit operation. I can't enjoy challenging dramas like Apple Tree Yard or Taboo with anything too demanding on the needles. So since I'm past the heel turn on the first sock, when the patterns becomes even more complicated, I have against my usual strict one project at a time rule cast on this.
The pattern is Bobby from Rowan's Tadpoles and Tiddlers, a fantastic book I've had for many years and used a lot.  Jim who is helping us with the bathroom told us he is expecting an addition to the family in May and that it will be a boy say no more I was out for some 4 ply cotton and got started. 
And the bathroom, ah yes, more of that to follow. If only selecting new fixtures and fittings was as easy as picking out yarns, but then Mr FF doesn't have to concur with my knitting preferences. 


  1. I much prefer to work from written instructions - charts just confuse me!

  2. Loving your chosen sock pattern. The WYS colours are lovely. Its a great range! Ros

  3. I like Rachel Coopey's designs, they are fun. Those plain colours look good; would you believe that my stash is somewhat lacking in everyday sock yarn in plain colours?!