Thursday 16 February 2017

A house is not a home

when it's been turned into a builders yard.
We have the bathroom fittings, basin, toilet and mirror, in the lounge, the shower screen and towel radiator are in the hall.
The new windows are in the kitchen and since the double glazed units were delivered this morning Mr FF is fitting them on the kitchen table.
I hardly have a work surface clear (of objects or dust) but I'm managing.  It feels like we are getting there, the bathroom walls are tiled and Jim is grouting as I type, the floor is still to do.  The electrician is here too, unfortunately he accidentally drilled through the kitchen ceiling instead of the bathroom, in two places, but he's such a nice man I can't be cross.
Seven more frames to go, Christoper who fitted our bi fold doors is coming 8 am on Monday to fit the windows, next week should be pretty exciting.


  1. A very good excuse to go out for dinner or have takeaways!! I hope it all goes to plan!

  2. The perfect reason to ignore all housework for the foreseeable future. Get your knitting out!

  3. Will be lovely when it's finished though!

  4. What a time! I am not a fan of living through renovations on-site, but needs must! We are heading into a bathroom renovation.

  5. I rewarded myself this morning with a read through your blog. The penthouse is looking great and I can't wait to see this finished bathroom.
    (I still haven't figured out how to comment on your blog as anything other than anonymous!?) An email is also on its way. Happy remodeling. hugs, Barb (USA)