Monday 13 February 2017


The second bedroom looks like this, all the furniture and the carpet moved against the wall and covered with plastic  The window frames were taken off so Mr FF could measure up for the new double glazed units. Last week we had Jim plus electrician plus joiner working away, a bit frantic, noisy and dusty but hey no pain no gain.
The fittings are out of the bathroom and the black and white floor tiles are all up.  The boys managed to take down the extra large mirror without incident and that has gone to a local gym.
We discovered that the floor was rotten from a flood sometime before we arrived, no wonder the tiles were loose and cracked.  Jim has installed new boards and we added anti noise and vibration matting plus underfloor heating.
We are definitely having with a steam cabinet/shower which is taking shape
The door into the bedroom has been moved, we've taken as bit of space from the bathroom for a wardrobe in the bedroom and the wall is boarded.  The white unit fitting into the wall is for the toilet the wash basin will be beside it.  We have added a recess above the toilet that will have glass shelves and lighting, I have explained to Mr FF this is to display luxury toiletries and perfumes only not spare toilet rolls and mouthwash.
Mr FF and I have finally agreed on all the new fittings, layout and lighting, everything is ordered down to the taps and mirror.  This is all a huge relief, even though some of our choices are on a 4 week delivery we can wait.   Best of all the black bath, after languishing on the landing for a few hours, has gone.  Not to the tip but to a local farmer who will use it as a water trough for his animals, the ultimate recycling, that's what we like.  Maybe we will spot it in a field one day when we are out and about, we shall certainly keep our eyes open.


  1. Good progress - and baths in fields are a common sight up here!!

  2. Oooh your new bathroom sounds fab, you definitely do need some posh smellies to show off! I love the way your old bath has been recycled!

  3. Ooh, it's all happening at yours! Have to admit I have no idea what a steam cabinet is but suspect it has nothing to do with cooking veg. Good to hear the old bath has gone to pastures new (see what I did there?!!).