Monday, 30 January 2017

The balcony is shaping up

The Italian porcelain tiles for our balcony arrived last week and had to be removed from the front of the building two at a time, half put outside ready for laying and half stored in the car to be taken to a specialist for cutting.  
As the balcony is curved it took Mr FF a full day to calculate and draw up the intricacies of shaping the tiles to fit, luckily the cutter was impressed, all worked well and once again the engineer proved his worth.
The tiles sit on special pedestals that are adjusted to eliminate the major fall on the surface of the balcony, no more wedges under the table legs, we will now be able to sit out without feeling we are leaning over or that wine is spilling out of our glasses.
The work isn't quite finished as we had a house guest for three days, Mr FF did as much as he could and put the furniture out there to make some space in the second bedroom.   It feels like the huge amount of work we started last year knocking out the walls is almost over.
But don't worry that we might be resting on our laurels, our guest left today tomorrow we start stripping out the horrible bathroom.  I guess we won't be sitting out admiring the view just yet we shall be too busy carting rubble down four floors to the skip and don't ask me how we shall get that black bath on silver legs out.


  1. The balcony's looking fab. Good luck with the bathroom renovation (though I quite like the sound of that black bath).

  2. My engineer is very impressed with your engineer!! A black bath isn't that bad - we once moved into a house with a bath which could only be described as dog poo brown!!

  3. Your balcony is going to be such a wonderful place to sit, knit, soak up the views and enjoy a glass of vino - perfect! Have you got a spare chair for visitors?

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