Wednesday 23 December 2015

Feeling poorly

You know I'm not at my best at this time of year but now I seem to have gone down with some horrible virus.  Started on Sunday with a sore throat and runny nose followed by a day of banging headache and vomiting.  I couldn't even keep a pain killer down let alone water, in 40 hours I ate only one dry cream cracker. Now I have a terrible cough and still no appetite but whilst feeling wretched I am counting this as pre-festive detox, I can drink nothing but water and Lucozade.  A neighbour told Mr FF that what I have is known as the 100 day bug because that's how long it will take for me to get well, so cheery.
Instead of an overnight at my brothers and the merry exchange of gifts with family and friends, I am either curled up in bed or on the sofa under a blanket. Mr FF dashed of at first light this morning to complete the Christmas duties, just as well I wrapped the presents early. 
No idea what we are going to eat on Christmas day, no idea if I shall want to eat anything beyond a jacket potato.  I am wondering if this is some kind of punishment for being so bah humbug over the years.
So I hope you are all well and that you have a lovely lovely Christmas, me I am trying to be positive and concentrating on my recent weight loss.  Maybe here is a Santa after all.


  1. Oh poor you. So sorry to hear you are feeling rotten. The weight loss is an unexpected bonus I suppose, but it's rather a drastic way of achieving it. Hope you will be able to celebrate in style on Christmas Day.

  2. I am sorry. The Christmas to remember wryly--some years from now.

  3. Please keep in in your area - don;t want to sound selfish but don;t want it up here! Seriously though, do hope you are soon feeling much better and in festive mood. Hot toddy might help - whisky, lemon juice, honey and hot water.

  4. Oh, no. Hope you're soon on the mend and catching up on all the festive treats. In the meantime, maybe you could stick a sprig of holly in that baked spud.

  5. You poor thing, I wish you well and very soon too. I have a mere cold.