Sunday 27 December 2015

Christmas plain and simple

Our Christmas expectations were not high, particularly when Mr FF returned from his Santa drop and took to his bed with similar symptoms to mine. However against the odds we had a wonderful Christmas that involved no fuss, no over eating just quiet, calm and lovely lovely presents.  It might be that I was at a low ebb and feeling emotional but my gifts really touched me, I was amazed that people know me so well, for example this little wooden placque.  I am not a fan of those bossy signs telling you what to do, but this I like
A great selection of books, I had already considered turning Danish anyway, and the Guest Cat sounds just up my street.  Love stories to read in the sunshine, delightful.

Candles and creams, a pretty toilet bag and gorgeous marble soap

Charming bird accoutrements to take out to Italy, I have decided that it would be a good idea to encourage the birds into our garden where they are safe from the horrible hunters on the hillside and might help keep down the mosquitoes. 

Once again Mr FF managed to blow the £5 budget with books, a dvd to watch some time in Italy, a book mark
an interesting knitting book and some chocolate coins

And finally this shopping bag from our local supermarket that makes me smile every time I see it
We both decided on Christmas morning that we had no appetite for the steak we planned, a rake round the freezer produced some fish cakes and they were enough.    No pudding or cake, a glass of prosecco and that was our meal. Fish cakes could be the festive way forward they certainly worked this year, Christmas was easy, simple and happy.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


  1. Glad that you and Mr FF were able to enjoy some festive celebrations. Looks like you had a very nice selection of treats too. Carry on getting better for a wild celebration at New Year!

  2. Christmas is so easy with no expectations but your own. Actually, a delightful set of gifts, and the soap looks lovely.

  3. Good to hear you both had a lovely time despite that visit from the lurgy. Great gifts, too. You must have been on the 'good' list.