Thursday, 17 December 2015

Different Decs

Our communal decorations in the hall are quite traditional and as everything is artificial they are the same as last year if slightly differently arranged, very large tree with tasteful candles and swags.   This is how I see them from the penthouse and very lovely they are, I didn't go down to take more photographs as I showed you plenty last year.
Inside the penthouse we have taken a new and interesting route.  We bought a very modern lit tree that obviously doesn't need any decoration, apart of course from our tin birds.  Don't ask me what they have to do with Christmas, they normally stand where we put the tree so we left them.
We did think about having the tree in the lounge but it was a bit distracting so it is at the very end of the hall and we see it when we come in and when we move between rooms.

And since we don't have a tree that requires decoration, I've hung my very favourite bits and pieces, my golden goose, the wooden armadillo, the fish and some stars from the beam in the lounge.

I could pretend that this pretty lantern is part of the decoration too, it always sits beside the fire but I did thrown in some silver beads for extra effect.
Next week I shall add some greenery to the apartment, hopefully collected from my brother's garden when we go over to exchange presents. And that will be quite enough festiveness for me, you'll be expecting me to sing along with the Christmas songs in the shops next.


  1. All very tasteful, as befits such a lovely modern building. Love that lantern and those birds.

  2. I do like your tree, it definitely goes with the penthouse! Heaven forbid you should start to hum along with any Christmas tunes or let a crumb of mince pie pass your lips!!

  3. I am with you on minimalism at this time of year, I find it all so dusty and boring.

  4. I like your different (it's different here this year, too, as I appear to have mislaid half the decs in the depths of the loft). Now, I'm sure I can hear the soft strains of Jingle Bells in the background......

  5. It all looks lovely Jenny! Enjoy! Ros