Friday 11 December 2015

Better to give

I really really like these socks, they are Ann Budd's Mock Wave Cable from Favourite Socks by Interweave.  Pleasingly I knitted them in the same colour as they are shown in the book using Cygnet wool rich 4 ply that I believe was on offer a while back from the lovely Kemps Wool shop in Sunderland.  The top photograph is true to colour, a sort of lilac, but I kept the others to show you the pattern detail, it's rather dark in the penthouse at this time of year.
Whilst I was knitting them, in Italy, I wasn't totally enamoured by the results, despite my love of cable and the fact no cable needle was involved.  It wasn't until they were finished and I tried them on that I was smitten.

However, tis the season and I have wrapped them up to give as a present, how good am I.  Not that altruistic, I still have enough yarn to knit myself a pair and I shall.  
Incidentally Cygnet Wools are based in Bradford, their address is on the ball band.  However no where does it say where the yarn is actually produced.  I'd like to think it was spun just over the hill from me but somehow I doubt it, I have emailed to ask and will let you know.


  1. I rather like this pattern, the mock cable is very effective. Very noble to be gifting them, but I am relieved to hear that you have sufficient yarn to deck your toes out in your own pair. Best you get knitting them!

  2. They are beautiful. I remember the first time I encountered mock cables in the ribbed waist of a beautiful sweater I made. Free detail, and so easy to fix if I made a mistake.

  3. Hi Jenny - how nice to meet someone from Wharfedale. I shall follow your blog now that I have found you. What is the weather like down your way?
    Love the socks - and the colours too - wish I was on your present list!

  4. Beautiful socks! I love cables of any persuasion, they've become my favourite technique for socks. If you're interested, and shame on me for helping you to increase your stash, but is a great online shop for British wool, British notions, British patterns, British project bags, etc. You get the idea! Good value too. It's no longer Seasonal here due to the influence of El Nino, it's 18C today. Bah Humbug!

  5. I love the socks! I have a pair sitting in my knitting basket that are almost finished - I must make the effort to finish them!