Thursday, 10 October 2013

Home Alone

I am back in a cold but sunny Scotland, Mr FF is still in Lazio. No not a trial separation, he still has work to do, the olives have to be picked but we needed to get back to Scotland to turn the water on, start up the heating, move plants back into the greenhouse and deal with two months worth of mail. We originally planned to fly home together for a couple of weeks then return to Lazio and eventually drive the car back but I detest that winter drive. Last year there was quite a lot of snow, the Alps weren't too bad and lets face it they know what to do about snow but into France it was miserable and I vowed never again. So when I said that I wouldn't do it we agreed I would stay in Scotland and that really I could cope with everything that has to be done on my own. So Monday we had an emotional goodbye at the airport, I felt quite lost waiting for my flight and a real feeling of panic when the plane took off. On the bright side, I've always been in favour of us having time on our own now and then, usually Mr FF has gone off somewhere home or abroad on with his bicycle so a period of time with the concrete mixer will be a novelty for him. He's sending me progress photos of the work he's doing to finally complete the new parking area. I'm so looking forward to seeing it finished, hoping there won't be any more major projects for a while, and of course to him coming home. Meanwhile I'm pining a little bit which has curbed my appetite, not a bad thing with Christmas coming on, taking back control of the garden and catching up with friends. We had a wonderful two months in Lazio, here's a glimpse of our best moments.  The dates on the photos are all wrong, its my new camera a Canon Powershot SX240 HS, I should read the manual next time I'm feeling lonely.
Borgo di Ostia, a favourite lunch venue
A beautiful cat named Lulu
Drinks and snacks in Giulianova, our Adriatic seaside break
Mr and Mrs FF on the beach


  1. Welcoe home - but unfortunately you've arrived back just as the weather got colder! It is good to have a little bit of time apart - yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder!!

  2. Christmas! Good grief, you missed that, it was months ago lol!

    Nice to have you back and blogging with photos again. I like a bit of peace and quiet when my husband is away to be honest, but it doesn't happen very often! Looking forward to reading about what you've been up to. Have a great weekend, hope it's not too much of a shock weather wise.


  3. Great photos! We've always had space on our own too from time to time; a weekend or so or an evening. It's healthy! Ros

  4. Welcome back. Hope you manage to get everything done before Mr FF returns. Enjoy the 'you' time - and Mr FF will be back home before you know it!! Florence is most impressed with Lulu's collar, and thinks that if she was forced to wear a collar, that one would do very nicely!!

  5. Welcome home! Lovely photos - I particularly like Lulu the cat's collar - very pretty! Enjoy your time alone - I always quite enjoy a few days to myself.