Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Sitooterie

Outside space is vital in Italy, even the smallest city apartment will have a balcony with pot plants, a chair and probably a stand or line for drying washing.
We spend much of our time outside, its so easy to step onto the terrace with its lovely views but we desperately need shade and perhaps some shelter as it does get breezy in the afternoons.  We need a proper sitooterie*.
As a temporary solution we bought a couple of shade sails that give a patch of cover, we shift ourselves and the furniture round as the sun moves across the sky.  Its difficult to work out how we can provide something more permanent, the roof of our house comes down low onto the terrace, not enough headroom to fit anything from the eaves.  The engineer has come up with various ambitious ideas, some that involve extensions to the house, moving the existing spiral staircase, all major projects.  As usual I want a quiet life, we can't agree.
We have a friend who lives in a very old house in a very old Lazio mountain village.  She's right at the top, her terrace looks down onto all the other roof tops, its decked with plants and she's installed a whirlpool bath right outside so she can relax with complete privacy.   Our Danish friends also in Lazio sensibly bought a house with an existing sitooterie, its lovely and I like the idea of having furniture permanently outside for the season, wall lanterns, climbing roses and lovely old pots.
Our seaside hotel in Giulianova was well equipped for outside sitting.  The garden between the hotel and the beach was a delight 
and there was also a fantastic rooftop terrace with views of sea and mountains 
plus three large jacuzzis.
Sitooterie is one of my favourite words, when I have my own it might be one of my favourite places.   Let's hope Mr FF doesn't get started on one of his schemes while I'm back home unless of course it involves something like the above.  

*from sit plus oot (a Scots pronunciation of out to rhyme with hoot) plus the noun ending–erie of French origin that’s familiar from words like menagerie androtisserie. 


  1. I should love to have a sitooterie, there is simply no space here at all.

  2. Love that word! We do have a covered deck where we spend loads of time. With the drop down vinyl blinds we are able to use it most of the year round

  3. I love the word! I think you might have to copyright/trademark it, before someone steals it, as I should do with my "sconnage"!!

  4. I love being outside too! I'm just planning on looking like Michelin man wrapped up in all my handknits!

  5. SO LOVELY photos:) and thanks for your cute coment on my blog.

    Check out my new post...amazing bathroom inspiration:)

    have a fab day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  6. I would go so far to say that outside space in Italy is even coveted! And the new girlfriend of our neighbor seems to be doing just that with her garden hand tools tucked into our terraced plots (since our plots are side-by-side). It's not a big deal for us but I can't understand how a person can just put their things on our property and think nothing of it.

    I had the idea of an enclosed sitooterie/conservatory for the open patio -- it would be wonderful to sit "outside" and watch the snow come down in winter.