Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn appreciation

So the engineer continues to slave away in Lazio.  The last I heard he had bent down to pick something up and smacked his mouth on the handle of the cement mixer.  He told me his teeth were OK and his lips only bleeding a little bit now.   
Meanwhile I have been a bit more relaxed.  I've spent happy days gardening, decluttering, dorissing, reading, knitting and generally pampering myself, or as Mr FF would collectively describe such activities wasting time.
As a working girl I dreaded the onset of winter weather and my dark drive to and from town.  Now its all different and this autumn has been spectacular. 
The first week I was home was wonderfully dry and I caught up with a lot of weeding, since then it has been damp but with sunny days, bracing winds and still no frost. My summer pots remain outside so far and I am still harvesting broad beans.
I am really appreciating the season, glorious colours, plenty of pretty leaves underfoot,  
that I'm busy collecting for the compost bins.  This is just how autumn should be and I'm liking it even though it means my feet are ensconced in hand knitted socks for the foreseeable . 


  1. It has been the best Autumn for a long while. Trees here are still in leaf, in the main.

  2. What beautiful colour you are having this year - as you say 'this is what autumn shoudl be like' Even tho I dislike 'cold' I dislike it even more when its all wet and soggy!
    BTW what's wrong with wasting time??
    Take care

  3. I love autumn (winter,too), whatever the weather but the colours really are stunning this year. I'm sure your mister is in his element but I hope there's a reunion soon.

  4. Wonderful autummn colours!

  5. Just beautiful! Nothing wrong with hand knitted socks, as we both know!


  6. Autumn is always a lovely time of the year to pamper oneself. And it could be quite soothing to attend to a garden as beautiful as yours! Just looking at it can really help one relax. Anyway, there are some garden enthusiasts who has a tradition of adding new plants or re-designing their garden when a new year comes along. Are you planning to do the same?

    Sam Lucas @ Green Collar