Thursday, 31 October 2013

Oil activity

Mr FF with some help from a party of Danes has harvested our olives.  He emailed me last night to report the total collected was 266.5 kilos, 50 kilos more than last year but this weight produced almost the same amount of oil 40 litres, the resa (yield) this year is not so high.  He went to the mill and waited, as you do, but he was a bit impatient as he was invited out to dinner last night and needed to get away.   He was told the oil would be ready in an hour, an hour later he was told the oil would be ready in an hour.   He had to leave and go back to collect the oil this morning, not something a real Italian would do as its customary to follow the process of fruit to oil like a hawk just in case you don't get your own produce back or your precious olives get mixed with someones obviously inferior crop.  
Fantastic result, it gives us enough oil to use in Italy and Scotland plus plenty to give away.  This is my glamorous oil bottle, a gift last year from the helpful Danes, by Rosendahl of Copenhagen, its a beautiful design with a very efficient function that shows off our delicious pure oil to perfection. The engineer will be stuffing himself on bruschetta tonight, savouring the fresh taste of the new oil which almost fizzy when it comes from the mill.
On the olive theme I had to buy myself this little jug from Emma Bridgewater, you know I'm such a fan of her sponge ware, no oil baroness should be without one.  


  1. As the youth of today say, I'mm "well jel" Lucky you xxx

  2. Glad you got the olives harvested, you will soon be able to enjoy a taste of the sunshine to keep you cheery through our winter! Of course you needed a little jug, it goes without saying!!

  3. Slurp, slurp. Yummy stuff, enjoy it.


  4. Wow. That is a LOT of olives!