Saturday, 28 September 2013

In a summer state of mind

We are still in Italy, still enjoying glorious sunshine and the gradually changing season. Last week we took ourselves back to the Adriatic coast for a couple more days at the beach. Same resort and this time we got a great deal on a lovely 4 star hotel that was fully booked in August. Just my kind of place, right on the seafront, pretty sitting out garden, a rooftop sun terrace with 3 large jacuzzis, quality toiletries, fluffy slippers and a great breakfast. We'd been at this resort in August when the beach was packed and the streets still full of happy holidaymakers at midnight. This time it felt very end of season. Many of the beach establishments had closed and though we easily found beds, umbrellas and deck chairs on the first day, staff were busy collecting hundreds of pieces of equipment from the sand, pressure washing everything, stacking items to dry in the sun then carting them away for winter storage. Every day there were less facilities, we did wonder if the staff might whip our beds away while we were in the sea and we'd return to just a pile of our belongings on a deserted beach. As Mr FF said the weather was still good, in the UK it would be considered exceptionally good, but rules are rules so by the end of September there will be nothing whatsoever on the beach. Luckily the ice cream shops were still stocked but soon the local bars will replace their array of delicious flavours with cakes and biscuits, we are definitely not allowed ice cream in October. The pool at our friend's condominium has already closed with day time temperatures still in the mid 20s. We walked down to the village yesterday in shorts and t shirts and saw locals in their winter jackets complete with scarves. I like this respect for seasonality even though I don't always join in, the way you know what time of year it is by the work being done in the fields, what people are wearing and what they are eating. I've never wanted strawberries or tomatoes at Christmas but wearing my flip flops into October doesn't seem so unreasonable does it?


  1. I have (somewhat reluctantly) put my flip flops away this weekend, but I think you are allowed to wear yours in October if the sun is shining. Mr JK and I have noticed the same thing when we visit Greece at the end of October. The locals are well wrapped up in coats and scarves while we are walking about in shorts and T shirts. Make the most of it!!

  2. Just back from a week's holiday in Greece, where it also felt very 'end of season'. We had some nice weather at the beginning, but the last couple of days was colder than the UK currently is!