Friday, 13 February 2009

Oh Emma

I don't like the term collectables, it makes me think of those adverts for overpriced plates on the back of TV listing magazines that feature wide eyed children, fluffy animals or royalty through the ages and ask you to commit to the full set of at least 12. I know people enjoy collecting, pottery frogs, pencil sharpeners and the like, I just don't understand it. So its not easy for me to admit that I collect Emma Bridgewater mugs but I love them, I use them every day, they don't sit in a glass case so they can't possible be collectables.
I've always had a love affair with sponge ware, especially the old stuff or as Mr FF would say when I brought some treasure home 'not another cracked pot'. Over the years I have bought my beautiful Emma mugs from various places to celebrate various events, like the one with yellow daffodils that I got at The General Trading Co in London after a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show.
I have several Scottish themed ones, I may not be Scottish but I do appreciate where I live
So I was delighted to discover today that Emma has produced a collection of six mugs to celebrate the National Gardens Open scheme.
My sister in a law told me yesterday that this summer about a dozen gardens in her village in North Yorkshire will open for visitors in aid of the Church, including the one at the farm where she and my brother live and where I was born. I'm really excited about the event and hoping I'll be able to go down for the weekend. What nicer way to mark the occasion than to purchase this, it takes my breath away.


  1. I live the idea of collecting something and actually using it. That's what I do with yarn. :-P

  2. Of course I meant that I love the idea, but I can't actually type...

  3. There was a fantastic article on Emma Bridgewater in one of last weekend's Daily Mail supplements. If I find it online, I'll send the link to you.

    I do love her speckled hen range....

  4. Hope you had a lovely, scrumptious Valentine Day!