Monday, 9 February 2009

The other girl made me do it

When Steel Kitten first asked me to post photographs of my stash I refused but she shamed me into it recently by displaying her own collection. This morning Mr FF went off to Manchester for meetings and I thought today would be a good day to get out all my yarn, do a little stock take and take some pictures. How wrong I was, its been quite stressful with a few surprises when I rediscovered some really nice yarns I'd completely forgotten about. So here we go
Part one lives in the bottom of the airing cupboard
Part two lives in an old trunk in the hall
Part three lives in an old wicker laundry hamper in the room off the kitchen (which I've explained before we pretentiously call the morning room because of its relationship to the sun in the morning). Obviously I'm only showing you the top layer of each box, they are about 18 inches deep and believe me both completely full of wool.
Finally, and this is more an art work than a stash, there's the sock wool that because its so beautiful and cheerful lives in a basket and is out on display.
I'm hyperventilating now thinking about all that yarn and realise that knitting up a few children's clothes, socks etc isn't going to reduce the mountain. I also realise that explaining how most of this stock came either as gifts, from charity shops or sales and that I had been collecting for my retirement doesn't make the situation any better. I need a big think about some big projects, though at the moment I'm far too stressed so everything has gone back into its respective storage department and the doors have been closed. I'm off to make a strong coffee, browse through the Rowan magazine and consider opening a shop.


  1. *applauds giant stash*

    I look at having a large stash as just being very prepared for when buying yarn becomes illegal, or something... ;-)

  2. You know that when they encourage people to "plan for retirement", this is not the kind of planning they mean, right?

    At least you don't have 130 balls of cracksilk haze, or anything. It will all come in useful, at some point, we just know it!

  3. wow, quite a collection! Although I suspect that should I dare photograph my stash it might look similar...

    Really like that collection of sock yarn - so pretty! :-)

  4. Gosh. How brave of you to display your stash like that! But hey, it's not going to go off, is it? And it will always come in handy ...
    I do like the sock yarn tho'.

  5. I knew that couldn't be all of your stash that you blogged about a few weeks ago!!! Knew it!! No-one who is a good a knitter as you could have such a small amount.

    As I scrolled down and down, and more and more pictures came up, hubby said he could hear me squealing in the next room.

    I salute you Queen of the Stash!