Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Its a matter of balance

Last night I watched those British wan.. oops bankers on the news apologising for their part in the current financial cock up. The Royal Bank of Scotland which has been my bank since I moved to Scotland 20 years ago, paid Sir Fred Goodwin as chief executive £4.4m per annum, yes that's four point four million pounds a year. Another of the financial fools is still being paid £60,000 per month as a consultant. Its obscene, obscene that anyone should consider themselves worth that much money, obscene to accept that much money yet fail in your responsibilities and totally obscene to offer a pre-rehearsed PR primed apology whilst being bailed out by ordinary tax payers who now wait to find out if they will still have a job.
So I make no apologies for purchasing yet another ball of sock wool, this I got from Iris who was having a declutter and getting rid of some of her stash (words that don't sit easy with me). Its beautiful and I can't wait to get started though for now it can join the Opal installation.
And finally these I made from the last of the pink Rowan, the pattern is from Zoe Mellor's 50 baby bootees to knit.
Now which little ballet dancer might like these I wonder.


  1. Beautiful work.
    And you expressed your disgust with the current salary/banking issues perfectly. I agree with you.