Tuesday, 13 January 2009

There there, don't worry

After some heated discussions we sent off an email to our architect in Puglia, Andrea, explaining that we were disappointed with the plans and concerned about the project. He replied quickly with reassurances that the boss of the Comune, the local authority, had suggested that the plans be submitted in this way but that we would get what we wanted. Andrea confirmed that the outside oven would indeed be a bathroom and summed it all up by saying You can be calm and you must understand that in Italy it is this way. I will follow and assist you! So thats alright then, though the prophet of doom that I live with is not convinced. I feel fine about the whole thing, when in Rome I say.
So I'm getting on with my life. Spent two good afternoons in the garden, its bitterly cold and frozen in places but there has been some sunshine too. I've been cutting back some of the garden thugs, alchemilla, geraniums and bamboo that won't take any harm if there is more frost, in fact it will help me curb their enthusiasm and I do like to get things tidy as the spring bulbs appear.
And, Steel Kitten take note, I've had a look in my stash and in the spirit of downturn Britain and not buying things have decided to use up all this left over wool to make children's socks. I'm impressed that a 100g ball of Opal is sufficient for a pair of adult and a pair of kids socks, all the littlies I know can expect a parcel soon. I won't go into detail about how Mr FF decided to sit on my knitting and broke one of my bamboo dp needles, he feels bad enough already fretting about the trullo.


  1. Good news! Although quite what planning is there for I'm not sure ;-))) Love the wool colours, mine are very boring plain colours, but there is a prodigious quantity of it. I shall drag it out tomorrow and photograph.

  2. Be firm with the architec, it's your house and it MUST be as you want.Don't accept anything that is not what you want.
    But I didn't understand one thing: are you moving to Italy or it's just a house to have some holidays there?
    If I could, I would have a house in England, even a tiny one, to go there when I want.

    Lovely wool. That's a thing I like very much (wool).