Monday, 5 January 2009

Fish and Fowl

Now for our slightly out of the ordinary sale purchases. On Saturday we went to the Nomads Tent in Edinburgh, a wonderful gallery selling fairly traded goods from Asia. I had hoped to find some throws, cushions and maybe a bit of silver jewellery, we came away with this.
A metre high arrangement of tin fish incorporating six tea light holders, we thought it would be ideal to have beside the swimming pool at our trullo in Puglia. Admittedly we need to provide water to the site and completely renovate the building first, but one day, besides it only cost £7 and has already provided that much value in laughs. The fish are balanced from the top bar and swing gently, brilliant.
Then we got these two
Again made of tin and slightly smaller than the fish thing, these were £5 each and I think they are delightful. I know two flamingos aren't going to sit well in our Scottish garden, today white with frost, but again how cool will they be in Puglia.
We are waiting for the final plans for the trullo that our architect tells us have been submitted to the local authority for permissions and are coming to us in the post. At the moment our bargains are sitting in the dining room, I wonder how on earth we are going to get them all out to Italy and when.

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  1. Exciting news about the plans. Is that prospective or retrospective planning permission. Or should I say expensive or hideously expensive charges