Friday, 30 January 2009

Good buys Bad buys

Having promised myself not to spend money unnecessarily or add to the wool stash, I have failed on both counts.
Lets get the bad bit over first. I was in Glasgow on Monday afternoon, Mr FF had a meeting in the centre of town so I went with him and had an hour to kill. I intended to spend my time in a book shop but instead wandered into Frasers, a nice big department store. First of all I came upon a new walk in Brows Bar that uses a threading technique. That was fair enough, I'd been planning to get my eyebrows shaped so I didn't object to parting with £10 and I was pleased with the results. Feeling inspired I then wandered into the cosmetics department, which is large and expensive. As usual one of the glamorous assistants offered to 'add a little colour' to my make up, just as well I'd managed to put some on before I came out. She was very flattering (obviously) and spent quite a while applying make up, after which I found myself selecting a variety of products that I really didn't need, in colours hardly appropriate for a 60 year old. I don't want to admit to this but I spent £75, I even bought a foundation primer and I don't wear foundation. I sneaked the bag home and now await the backlash when Mr FF reads this.
I slightly redeemed myself yesterday when I went out with Pam to help her select some curtain material for her newly decorated guest bedroom. We found a beautiful fabric that fits the bill perfectly and Pam has a healthy attitude to money, she spends it. We stopped for a coffee in our local town on the way home and a quick look in the charity shop.
What joy I found 4 balls of pure new wool in a nice tweedy fleck at 50p each and this jumper for Mr FF, it was less than £5, its pure cashmere and its perfect.On balance I probably came out about even retail wise, but I'm still cross with myself - can do better, must try harder.


  1. Haha, I think where you went wrong was about the point where you went into HoF... It's my favourite dept. store in the UK, the one in Edinburgh is lovely, but of course the one in Glasgow is better (read: more dangerous) for actually shopping in. But good on you for spending on the makeup, I don't think age should come into it. Though I do sometimes worry that the contents of my makeup purse are worth more than my mobile phone, iPod and Filofax put together...

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh how I miss charity (thrift) stores! Can't find anything like them around here in Italy, though I've read there are some in Rome which I'll have to remember to look for.

    I've done the same with makeup. I particularly like those kits with everything in there...and then NEVER use the eye shadow. Oh well...maybe someday I'll learn how to create the perfect smoky eye. I hear Avon cosmetic has something similar to a rub-on tattoo which you can place on your eyelid, press, and presto perfectly done eyes. Someday I'll try it!