Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kiddy knits

This is how the garden has looked for the last few days, so no apologies for spending lots of time knitting. I've posted off this little sweater to Phoebe, my virtual niece, together with a pair of socks from the leftover department. The jumper pattern is Active from Pipsqueaks by Kim Hargreaves in Sirdar Superwash pure wool dk, I found 8 balls in a charity shop and used slightly more half of them, the socks an Opal kids pattern I found on the net.
I've knitted a few more pairs of children's socks all based on the same pattern, some with ribbed cuffs some plain. They are so quick and easy that I'm beginning to think about something a bit more challenging but there's plenty left in that bag of odd balls and since I'm being really virtuous about my stash I'll keep going. If I don't find homes for them all they can go to the charity shop, how good am I, but I would make some little labels with washing instructions and probably put my name on them, good but not that altruistic.


  1. Such nice socks...And the garden too. It's hailing here in this moment but no snow.


  2. Looking at your blog it appears to me that
    a) the people whose studies I read on graceful ageing last semester got it all wrong, if your ageing is disgraceful and graceful ageing is the opposite of what you are doing. Very confusing.
    b) I would be better off retired than working. Oh well, only about 40 years to go I guess..

    Oh, and nice socks! I knitted one baby sock with stripes and now starting the 2nd one seems like such a drag that I started a baby bolero for my friend's pending baby instead. Sigh. My life in a nutshell.

  3. Ok...you're making me want to knit a pair of socks. I've never done a pair in my life but suddenly I want to do a pair NOW ;-)))