Wednesday, 18 June 2008


My garden looks so well at the moment, the combination of sunshine and showers has produced plenty of lush growth, joining the plants together and covering the weeds. Not too much in flower but plenty still to happen which is the way I like it. I suppose I must acknowledge that we have almost reached the longest day, its wonderful to have some daylight till around 10.30 and the decline towards winter will be long and gradual. Its not always possible to be outside though, the midges are rampant this year and I was plagued by them while I worked in the garden at the weekend. And hows this for recycling. I bring from work bags of shredded confidential waste, its great for adding to the compost and even better for putting round the strawberries to keep the ripening fruit off the ground. In the past I've used straw from my brother's farm but paper is just as good, protects the fruit, helps keep the weeds down and rots away eventually. When people tell me that I shall miss work when I retire I assume they mean I shall miss getting the waste paper, but maybe someone will sneak me out a bag around strawberry time next year, I'll make it worth their while.
We are going down to Yorkshire this weekend, a combination of friends and family visiting and a business event. I'm relieved that the petrol drivers' strike has been called off, though is some ways I was relishing the idea of being stranded back in God's own country, I haven't been home for almost year. Don't worry about Cleo, she is doing really well and we have friends coming to stay in the house to keep her company.

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