Thursday 12 June 2008

Worry, fret, knit

That cat Cleo is taking us on a real roller coaster of emotions. She was quite down at the weekend, not eating so much and certainly not interested in our company. Monday morning we were both awake from around 4 am until the alarm went off fretting about her, me particularly as Mr FF was going away on business for a couple of days and I was worried that I might have to make the decision on my own if she didn't improve. By 7 am she was back to normal, bright as a button, climbing onto our bed and demanding food, so that was a few hours of wasted emotion.
Last night she was sitting in the front room sleeping when Mr FF came home but when he finally went to see her she was gone. We searched the house and the garden several times, missing most of the final of The Apprentice but we couldn't rest. After a couple of hours, during which some really heavy rain came down, we finally found her under a table that has a cloth down to the floor, perfectly cosy and purring away. I was so wound up I couldn't sleep, she is putting years on us.
I've hardly touched my knitting, currently making these Opal socks. I'm really pleased with them if not with my progress and may keep them for myself. I have also made a couple of baby hats for Save the Children and am encouraging people at work to do the same. Hopefully we can produce quite a few and make a difference, its a really worthwhile cause I read about in the Sunday Times, feel free to join in, life saving results for a little time and not much wool.

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