Sunday 15 June 2008

UFOs for dinner

You know those blogs that show you some beautifully prepared meal that the author has produced from freshly sourced organic wholesome produce. This isn't one of those. These unidentified frozen objects were pulled out of the freezer today in an attempt to make some space so that I can go to the local organic farmshop and get a big economical bag of tasty meat rather than calling in every time I need a joint for roasting. Anyway I wasn't sure what any of these were so I took them all out hoping to find something suitable and sufficient for dinner tonight. They defrosted some hours later into a lot of chicken breasts and a piece of salmon. So garlic chicken tonight, plenty of chicken for Cleo and some cold salmon salad tomorrow - result.
I have a very bad attitude when in comes to stocking the freezer, I do occasionally use labels but quite often they fall off. I tell myself I shall remember whats in each bag or box and of course I never do. And my stock is never balanced, at present I seem to have an excess of potato scones, something we rarely eat, they must have been on offer, no bread, a lot of last year's black currants that I keep telling myself I'll use for jam or crumbles and the odd pizza that keeps getting stuck in the drawer so that it won't open. No batch baking or ready prepared (by me or Sainsbury's) convenience meals, in fact now that I've taken the ufos out nothing to produce a proper meal at all. I could say that things will be different when I'm retired and that they need to be because I shan't be at the shops 4 days a week as I am whilst working, but somehow I doubt the ufo situation is going to go away and as for stock rotation or date labelling, fat chance.

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