Wednesday 6 February 2008

Blue sky thinking*

It was a fabulous day today, cold but bright. I should have taken my camera to work as during my lunchtime walk I saw some uplifting images of bare silver birch trees silhoutted against a clear azure sky. I am fortunate to work in a smart residential part of Edinburgh, convenient for a local library and with many beautiful gardens for me to admire whilst I stroll. I mark the progress of my own garden against those in the town and I am certainly a good week behind. Hopefully I'll have something to report by the weekend, especially if we get more sunshine.
As I didn't have my camera I offer a window of blue that I snapped at the Getty Centre in Malibu last year, same sensation of sky and texture as I enjoyed today but with heat.

* an irritating bit of mangement speak that apparently means brainstorming, a creative technique designed to generate ideas

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