Friday, 28 January 2022

Spirits and sparkle

During my walk this afternoon, on a typically cold dull day, I met a neighbour and we chatted briefly both agreeing that January was going on far too long and we had had enough.  When I returned there was a parcel waiting for me that contained just the antidote I need, two bottles of home made flavoured gins.

I may already have had a tipple and they are both really delicious, thank you H.

I have noticed while walking that quite a lot of people still kept their Christmas decorations up.  I’ve seen decorated trees in windows and gardens, quite a lot of fairy lights and even wreaths still on front doors.  In our town the white lights are still in the trees down the main shopping street, they look lovely I can only put it down to people wanting to chase away the darkness until the days get longer.  

                                     Photo from Ilkley People 


  1. My tree is packed away, but my large vase with winter foliage and red lights is still out in my sitting room.

  2. We need those cheery lights more than ever this year!

  3. I must say my decorations alwways come down on Twelfth Night - but that street still illuninated does cheer up the wintry scene.

  4. Hope it's okay to ask a question about an earlier post.
    When you made your marmalade did you use new or recycled jars? If they were recycled, how did you process them?
    Thank you

    1. Recycled, Bon Mamman jars some recent some older. After use I wash them by hand, then in the dishwasher for storage, immediately before use they are sterilised in the oven, around 150 deg, for about 10 minutes. When I pot the marmalade the lids on they pop as they reseal and the marmalade lasts for years with no ill effects.

  5. Yes, our local town centre has kept up some white lights and they do look welcoming. However, I entered my lounge this morning only to realise I’d failed to dismantle a floral display with a candle in the centre. Am totally non-plussed as to how I’ve overlooked it for so long!

  6. People in our area/town(Tulsa) also seems to have decided to leave up their lights. My husband and I were commenting on it last night. Don't know if they decided they liked the look or couldn't get the 'people' who put up/take down to come by. (Some of this is in ritzy areas) I've moved on to Valentine's, although I have left up the fake greenery I missed last year in the dining room. New traditions.

  7. In our part of the UK fewer people than usual seem to have left their Christmas lights up. Only the ones who leave them up all year round, year after year!

  8. Those lights do look magical. And we could all do with a bit of magic in our lives!