Friday, 4 February 2022

Old school cashmere

I am a big fan of cashmere, a fibre that has become so much more available but not necessarily in a good way.    It is now possible to buy cheap cashmere from chains that might be described as fast fashion, I have never subscribed to this and never will.  It is not sustainable to source something so rare and fragile without cutting corners from harvest to production in order to meet a price point.  These cheap items are produced from poor quality fibre, will pile and bobble and soon be useless.

I have over the years sourced most of my cashmere second hand, in fact I am currently wearing a jumper made in Scotland that I found in a charity shop and used to wear for work, I have been retired 13 years.  Scottish cashmere has always been renowned for its quality, and prices, I have been lucky enough to find a few old pieces made in Hawick, the borders cashmere town.   I have a very old plain black Marks and Spencer cashmere jumper, it has a small zip at the back of the neck, and judging from the label is from the 1980s.  

I also have a couple of what might be considered old fashioned cardigans, both are quite large and look great. Quality cashmere goes on forever, unless you are unfortunate enough to have a moth attack, is machine washable whatever they tell you and blissfully soft and warm.  I fully expect my collection to outlive me but if anything becomes unwearable there is a place here that will recycle your cashmere jumpers and send you a gift in return.


  1. By coincidence I have been to Ripon this morning and have on a black cashmere jumper from the PURE collection. I have had it years. it washes perfectly, it keeps its shape and above all it is beautifully warm. Just the feel of it against my skin makes it worth the extra.

  2. Totally agree with you, chain store cashmere is terrible quality.