Thursday, 20 January 2022

Banking progress

Last week after a long exchange we had an email from our Italian bank to say they had resolved the problems we encountered trying to reopen our account after they blocked it because of possible fraudulent activity.    We first raised this issue a month ago, it is possible our account had been blocked longer than that as we encountered problems with our Italian card as we travelled home in November.

However the email simply said the issues had been resolved, we did not know if that meant the account was again operative or if the online unlocking process would finally work for us. We wrote back again complaining about the awful service and asking for clarification.   Yesterday we received a note to say our account was open, no explanation, no thanks for bringing the broken system to their attention, no apology and certainly no offer of refunding the 14 euro per month we have paid not to have a working bank account.  

We are actively engaged in finding a new euro account.

Speaking of finds, I bagged this beautiful blue pressed glass jug in a charity shop this week, £2.  I love pressed glass, the colour is perfect, I imagine it filled with water and slices of lemon for an alfresco summer lunch but even on a Thursday January morning it’s beautiful. If only everything in life was that simple and pleasing.


  1. Nothing like a faceless, nameless bureaucracy to ruin a good afternoon.

    I love the pitcher. Enjoy the many small beauties in life!

  2. Beautiful jug. Terrible bank service but then isn't it a;ways thus these days Bring back those wonderful days when you could pop into the local bank and discuss it over the counter with the clerk you knew well.

  3. Hope that's the end of your financial problems. The jug is certainly beautiful - I can just imagine it sitting on your outdoor lunch table!

  4. Love that jug, perfect for a refreshing drink in the sunshine. Hope that's the end of your bank troubles too.

  5. Don't get me started on Banking! Years ago, I owned a small apartment in Majorca. I opened an account with the local Spanish branch of Barclays there. I set up a standing order with them to pay my utilities bills. All went well at first, but then they suddenly stopped paying these even though my account was in credit. Relatives arrived on holiday to find the electricity had been cut off and there was a fridge full of nastiness!

  6. That is a lovely jug! Well spotted.
    I do hope your banking woes are truly resolved!