Thursday 6 May 2021

Perfect climate

I cannot begin to tell you how good the weather is now, in fact some days our local weather forecast simply says perfect climate, we know exactly what they mean.     A warm sunny day, not too hot, no mosquitoes and occasional welcome rain, humans and cats see thriving.

Gardening continues at a pace.  A week ago MrFF applied weed and feed to the two lawns, just before we had a day of rain.  After 7 days he cut the grass and weeds as per the instructions, it’s looking good for now, I won’t want to show you what it’s like in high summer.

I have edged round the 98 paving slabs that form paths in the grass, it’s not a job I enjoy or do too often but the end result is more than worth the effort. 

Of course not everyone is so busy, some are only here to admire the garden if they can keep their eyes open long enough.  


  1. Wonderful weather indeed! Make the most of it before it becomes scorching! That's what I have been doing today after a few days of rain and cool temperatures. It's too hot to sit in the sun come the summer months. Your garden looks delightful and well cared for.

  2. I just love the idea of a weather forecast that says, “Perfect climate.” Whatever would we have to talk about if that kept happening?

  3. What a beautiful garden. I envy your warm weather. It's so cold here that I'm still wrapped up in all the knitwear! Flo says ciao to her Italian cousins. x

  4. Love the garden - and the cats too. They know they are on to a good thing those two.

  5. How lovely. The weather here in the north of England has been typically disappointing. The evenings are much lighter but that doesn't help when it's 5°C outside. We have had rain, snow, hail and thunder this week. A Bank Holiday drive through the Peak District left me feeling sad and unsettled after seeing hundreds of tiny lambs huddled against the dry stone walls in an attempt to shelter from the driving rain.