Wednesday, 28 April 2021

My normal

The lovely weather has certainly put me back where I want to be.

I had hardly been knitting, even sitting in front of the tv and the wood burner in the evening I wasn’t picking up the needles. I am now although it will soon we warm enough to eat dinner outside and linger on the terrace watching the lights in the valley so I may stop again.   These very spring like socks are I think West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, it’s so long since I started them I’ve lost the band.

We are back in the lowest yellow zone for covid restrictions, bars and restaurants can provide outdoor table service, shops are open, we can move about.  Infection and death rates are still high but the government had decided to take the risk of opening up our region and the economy.

We are also back on track with water leaks.  Mr FF  checked our meter up on the mountain and it was running slightly when everything was turned off at the house. Investigation confirmed a leak between the gulley and our house.  After much chopping of undergrowth he thought he’d found it but that one is Anna’s and loosing a lot of water.  He phoned her and has turned off her supply.  It’s likely our leak is under the road outside the house, we are hoping it will show during this dry spell otherwise we are stuck, we can hardly start random excavation of the tarmac.  Meantime we had notification the water board were sending a tecnico to read the meter, we were to be at home that day and available to assist.  We saw no one and were certainly not in the mood to accompany him up the mountain and into the snake pit that houses the meters.  No doubt we shall continue to receive estimated bills based on average consumption.  

I read recently that the Italian water board looses more than 50% of its supply through leaks and that doesn’t account for water lost between the meter and the consumer which is probably another 25%, what a huge waste.

Happily the solar shower is in use, veggies are being planted, factor 50 is being applied and Sunday we had a day of decadence that included a lunchtime bottle of prosecco and a new book begun.  Those Mitford girls have always fascinated me.


  1. Beautiful knitting wool! I have huge admiration for people who can knit socks.

  2. That leak is worrisome, especially since it's out of your hands. Hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later. The new book sounds interesting.

  3. Your decadent Sunday sounds like heaven to me!

  4. Sock knitting and reading - two of my most favourite things! Enjoy!